Why is Email Validation so important for Email Marketing Experts?

In this modern word Email is the preferred, effective and cheapest mode of communication. About 300 billion emails are sent each day globally. There are many channels to collect the email address. But there are chances that you could receive invalid email address in you mailing list. This could be human error or sharing the wrong information. This is really nightmare for the email marketing experts.

What are the effects when you send an email to an invalid address?

In most cases the email will bounce with message this is not a valid address. This will affect our Email sending reputation which will kill our business over email campaigns. Here what Email Validation comes in role.

Once you send an email to an invalid one the email server of that particular domain will understand that the sender is a spammer. This leads the server to flag the upcoming emails as spam and the email server to communicate with other mail servers that this address is flagged as spammer or will blacklist your email address. There are many services like spamhaus.org that will keep list of domains and spammers address to help the email providers to blacklist the unwanted sender.

Email Validators checks if the email address is a real one and removes the unwanted invalid address and spam trap form the list and prevents from sending further mails. It is expected that more than one third of the collected email address are invalid ones. Most of the paid email address providers like Gsuite, Office365 have a feature to delete the email address when not needed. A periodic Email Verification will help to remove the invalid ones and provides you a good contact list.

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