Gamalogic Email Validation API

Fastest and Accurate real time Email Validation API.

Gamalogic provides email address validation API services removes invalid email addresses from your list using most sophisticated AI technologies to prevent email bounces and improve quality of lead delivery metrics. 

Our Real-Time Email Verification API can be easily integrated into your sign-up forms, applications and websites or into content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, Typo3 or Joomla. We provide detailed code examples in variety of programming languages and technologies like Javascript, PHP, Python, Curl, Ruby Java, C#, VB.NET with our industry standards all you have to do is to send a simple HTTPS (SSL) request to our API servers! Each API request returns a standard JSON over REST interface with detailed description.

Example API request (using the GET method)

Input Parameters
emailid (string) email address to validate
apikey (string) Your 32 char API key from dashboard
Speed_rank (int) Here you can set the speed of verification. By default it is 0, More the rank less the speed and more accuracy (default 0, min 1, max 5)
API Result (JSON)
do_you_mean (string) If there is any typo error on the email address our API will provide you the suggested text from the string
is_syntax_valid (boolean) True if syntax is Ok
is_role (boolean) If the email address starts with admin@ or sales@ or contact@ OR INFO@ is_role is flagged as True
is_disposable (boolean) The temporary email address or one time use email address will be flagged as True
is_catchall (boolean) If the mail server accepts all email address, then this will be flagged as True
is_valid (boolean) True if the verified email address is valid one
message (string) Result will be displayed here
is_unknown (boolean) True if the address is not able to verify or having unknown result

Sample Response

   "gamalogic_emailid_vrfy": [
    "do_you_mean": false,
    "emailid": "",
    "is_catchall": false,
    "is_disposable": false,
    "is_role": false,
    "is_syntax_valid": true,
    "is_unknown": false,
    "is_valid": false,
    "message": "Not Valid ID",
    "resolved_time": 1.8817

Error Responses

The sample error response

"error": True,
"error_code": 102,
"error_message": "Credits Exhausted please contact"}

List of the error code with detailed message.

You can contact our technical support for further troubleshooting

101 Unauthorised Access
102 Credits Exhausted please contact
103 Error in Single email address validaiton api
104 Error in Bulk email address validaiton api
105 Contact support
106 Contact support
107 Contact support
108 No email address to verify in Bulk Verififcation
109 Maximum allowed 1000 email address for bulk verification in a batch
110 Error in Yahoo domains

Get balance credits (GET HTTPS Request)

In order to get account credits balance, you will need to make a GET request as described below.

Input Parameters
apikey (string) Your 32 char API key from dashboard

API Result (JSON)

   "Credit_Balance": 10000

If you still face any issues contact our support team

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